Is this a challenging time for you? Perhaps you or a loved one had an illness, hospitalization, or surgery?  The answers to the questions below can help clarify the important choice of a home care agency. Please see the profile tab for more answers.

Qn: Will someone come and explain the process to me?

Ans: Yes. Someone will come to your home or a location you prefer to explain the process and answer your questions. This person is usually a Registered Nurse.

Qn: Will they respect me and my family?

Ans: Yes. All employees at Amara are professional, understand patients' rights and privacy, and will treat you and your belongings with respect. You will participate in the planning of your care and will have the freedom to make decisions. We will also do our best to respect those decisions.

Qn: Will I have 24-hour access to a nurse?

Ans: Yes.  We always have a nurse on call 24/7.

Qn: How do I know that the people they send to me are safe?

Ans: Our hiring process includes background and reference checks on all potential employees before hiring. We also do drug and TB tests as well. 

Qn: How do I know what services I qualify for?

Ans: Our Nursing team will work with your physician, Case Manager and/or Support Administrator to determine what services you qualify for. We will also ensure that you understand the available options.

Qn: How will the services I need be paid for? Is it expensive?

Ans: Based on your insurance coverage, the agency will obtain the necessary authorization for services from your insurance company. This will be discussed with you prior to starting services . There will be no hidden financial obligations.