Provider Responses to Profile Questions

(These questions are generated from the DD population search tool)

Qn: How long have you been providing services to people with DD?

Ans :Amara has been providing services to DD clients since 2002. Our experience with DD population include complex health issues and providing quality care have kept them at the comfort of their family home instead of facilities. We have taken care of Tracheostomy clients, we are very comfortable taking care of G/T clients and have nursing oversight in place at all times to assist our caregivers. 

Starting with a handful of employees in 2002,  as of 2015, Amara now has over 70 Home Health aides, 6 RNs and 10 LPNs in our staff list.

We are also a Medicare/Medicaid certified agency that can offer State Plan services to our DD clients, and other customized skilled care. Our nursing care offers nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology and home health aide services

Qn: What initial and ongoing training do your employees receive?

Ans: Before hire, and yearly, our caregivers receive training on Major Unusual Incidents(MUI),  Rights of Clients, universal precaution and individual-specific training.

All new hires must have BCII/FBI background checks, checks in the State six data base, drug tests and reference check before being assigned to a client's home. All staff must have current CPR and First Aide certification before hire and renewed yearly. In addition, employees are also trained on safety and universal precautions. We have 12 mandatory in-service training each year; all employees must attend all in-service training.

Qn: In which communities are you able to provide services?

Ans: Amara Home Care Provides services to Clients in Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lorain and Summit Counties.

Qn: How do you assess the quality of the services you provide? How do you supervise direct care staff persons?

Ans: Amara Nursing Supervisors conduct supervisory visits every 60 days as mandated by the condition of participation.  (2) Amara have CAHPS survey by a Medicare certified outside vendor who randomly calls our clients for satisfaction survey, monthly and the results of the surveys are sent to us. (3) We have a call in system which most of our caregivers use to call in and out from clients home. This is to ensure that employees are actually at work when they should be. (4) Agency-wide Staff meetings are held quarterly. During these meetings issues are raised and solutions are sought. Employees are evaluated regularly; at end of first 90 days of employment,  and yearly. Areas of weakness are identified and improvement strategies are recommended.

Qn: How do you make decisions about hiring staff? Do you do background checks before you hire staff?

Ans: Yes We carry out BCII/FBI background checks on all new employees. We also perform drug test on all new employees. After employment we also carry out random drug test on all staff when necessary. We make sure employees meet federal and state regulations and standards before employment.

Qn: Describe your organizational structure and how your staff can reach someone in authority for help or guidance. How can individuals receiving services reach someone in authority?

Ans: We have a Director of Nursing and 2 Nursing Supervisors available to the clients and staff 24 hours/day, 7 days/week via on call service after office hours . Individuals receiving care can reach Amara Home Care anytime 24/7. Amara Home Care provides its clients with all the contact information of the management team- Nursing Supervisor and schedulers. If there are issues or emergencies these individuals can also reach the Nursing Director and/or Administrator.

Qn: How do you keep track of a person’s records?

Ans: Clients records are filed in a binder and kept in a locked cabinet in a separate file room. This room is specifically designated for records. Only authorized personnel are allowed entry and/or access to this room and the records. We are currently migrating to electronic records. As soon as arrangement are completed we will migrate to electronic filing and storing system. All records are kept for 7 years. We have designated fax machines for clients medical records. All computers have protected screens with secured passwords. Secured shredder is used to destroy unwanted sensitive documents

Qn: How do ensure assure adequate coverage if a staff person calls off?

Ans: We have large pool of Aides at all times, and we maintain an on-call list. Because of our large pool of Aides, we are able to find a replacement staff when there is a call off or ill call. We offer a bonus incentive in some cases to those on our on-call list. If a case is complex and requires extensive training, we ensure that more than one staff is trained on the case.  We assure that there will always be more than enough trained staff in all cases.  We insure adequate services and coverage all the time.

Qn: Time to initiate service

Ans: We can usually start service within 48 hours of notice if all the necessary elements are in place. And sometimes within just 12 hours notice in an emergency; we can conduct a class in a short time as we have in house Train the Trainer among our staff.
We have an (RN) on call 24/7. We always keep a pool of trained and vetted staff ready to start.

Qn: Any other general comments:

Ans: We are for profit Medicare/Medicaid certified agency. We provide State Plan for our waiver population, and thus we can offer convenient, one-stop coverage to clients.
We have Two locations to better serve both east and west side of Cleveland.
Our East side office is located at 5285 Northfield Rd, Bedford Hts, Oh 44146 ( 216- 475-9500)
 and our West side office located at 35136 Center Ridge Rd #2, N. Ridgeville Rd, Oh 44039
( 440-353-0600).
Compassion is our watchword and our name: AMARA means "compassion." In addition, Amara Home Care is positioned to serve as a resource for our Clients and their families. We may serve as a resource for guardians, other family members and stake holders. We believe that putting our heads together we can better support the individual client. 

Qn: Describe your philosophy and experience in providing services to individuals with DD.

Ans: Our philosophy is to build a home care practice founded on the core values of compassion and empathy. Our goals are to promote individual rights and independence. We respect individual autonomy of clients. We also respect family decisions on the client's well being. 

Qn: How do you provide opportunities for individuals to participate in their community?

 Ans: Every person has a value and a purpose in life. We encourage outings: e.g. to watch movies, to gobowling or shopping. Clients are encouraged to participate in community events: community days, back to schools events, Local library events and sports(to watch or participate if possible). If the client is able we encourage ambulation and exercises.

Qn: If you provide money management services, how do you safeguard an individual’s money and what oversight do you provide?

Ans: We follow the ISP. Our staff are trained to keep a ledger for clients’ monies. Checks are kept locked in the main office and managed by our office manager. All expenditures and corresponding receipts are kept by the aides and brought to the office monthly. Money kept at home are securely locked in a cabinet accessible by authorized persons.

Qn: How do you assure that each employee is prepared and knowledgeable about an individual’s needs before beginning to work with    the individual?

Ans: The ISP will be reviewed thoroughly with employee before assigned. And individual training that is required are done initially and annually thereafter or if there is change in the ISP.  The nurse meets the staff at clients home on the day the case is opened. We perform annual skills checks on all of our employees. Staff are observed by the supervisor at work during the 60 day supervisory visits

Qn: How do you help individuals meet their personal outcomes?

Ans: We review the ISP. Next, we try to set goals that are in line with the individual's ISP. These goals are discussed with team at the initial ISP meeting. We then support the individual to attend those goals, without taking over from him/her. This way we promote independence and sense of achievement for our clients. Once a goal is achieved we move on to set another goal(s).

Qn: What types of programs do you offer?

Ans: We follow the strictly the content of the ISP

Qn: What location(s) are available?

Ans: Main Location:

5285 Northfield Road
Bedford Heights, OH 44146
Ph: (216) 475-9500
Fax: (216)4759700

Other Location:
35136 Center Ridge Road
North Ridgeville, OH. 44039
Ph: (440) 353-0600
Fax: (440) 3530601

 Qn: What hours or shifts are available?

Ans: All hours and shifts as we do have 24 hour/7days/weeks clients

Qn: Is the activity/work area in a building or facility designated just for services to people with disabilities or is it in the community?

Ans: Our services are delivered in clients' homes, and in their respective communities

Qn: Describe your vehicles and how you maintain them. Are there back up vehicles if the regular one breaks down? Are your vehicles accessible?

Ans: Amara Home Care only provide non-medical transportation services.

Qn: Do you provide transportation services to other populations? Please list.

Ans: No. We only provide non medical transportation to our DD clients only.

Qn: Is there a number that individuals can call 24/7 if they need to change their pick up time or are not going to their day program or work?

Ans: Yes. Call (216) 475-9500